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1 hour ago, Juggles said:

Well people want to use pp when buying accounts since you could recover the account back whenever you wanted to 

ok but its not fair to me because once i give account info they can always recover even though im the orignal owner if i give enough info they can still recover and boom there goes the account aand money lmao ripppppppppp

2 hours ago, Burundanga said:


wish i knew how

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That's kinda account sellin for ya.. Risk for both parties... OO can always recover... People can always chargeback. It kinda has to go both ways. Id never pay rsgp for an account unless its a mod or chuckles or someone like that. I've seen too many people who are "trusted" and scam quit and recover all the accounts they've sold. Can't really say yeah im scared they will charge back, cause they are taking same risk as ypu cause you can always recover. And the way hated recovery system works - even if you give all the correct info to recovering the account the main thing that plays a key is the isp and ip where the OO is. Say you live in Florida and I live in California, and you give me all the correct account info - and i try to recover there's still a 90% chance that my recovery appeal is going to be denied because of the locations. And this is not just bullshit, its facts as me and a buddy has tested this. I gave him all the same info i used to recover. Me, being the OO was able to recover, he was not able to recover even though we inputted the exact same information in the recovery appeal 

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