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  1. buying 60m, paypal, zelle, venmo
  2. my brother got banned for rwt. He transferred 10m from another account.
  3. LOL_152

    some skills

    whats your discord whats your discord
  4. LOL_152

    some skills

    looking for better prices, had much better offers with lower stats a month ago before i quit
  5. LOL_152

    some skills

    60-71 thieving- any method 52-58 fishing- any method 62-66 hunter any method varrock easy and medium diaries done. rat catcher done not an ironman
  6. i dont do btc. i dont want any chargebacks but i actually just sold it all on facebook lol
  7. Selling 4b in a public place. Anyone in iowa want gold? 45 cents per mill no trolls please, this is no different than meeting up for anything else. I have met up with random people hundreds of times.
  8. 60-71 thieving- any method 48-58 fishing- any method 60-66 hunter any method varrock easy and medium diaries done. rat catcher dones. Please let me know your prices. No botting please. If business is good i will do more services. Looking for competitive prices
  9. hi mate we talk on discord now mi discord RFDMaster#2955 

    ur id  disord: 167419384870993920

  10. 57-70 craft 68-69 slayer- cannon provided 1-60 hunter unlock gnome stronghold route Monkey madness 2 d slayer 2 legends quest- 24-45 herb. 48-52 mining dream mentor tail of two cats ghosts ahoy bone voyage client of kourend 44-70 smithing 48-68 mining 57-60 agility 56-60 thieving 19-50 construction not an ironman.
  11. i want dwh on my iron. how much per kill?
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