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[F2P] Adventure log

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Hey community!

Just making a little progress thread that I can show off. This account is solely F2P. All items, wealth, etc. is earned through only this account. 100% botted, which included tutorial island, and even ALL walking done. Shout out to @Explv for his walking script that you can purchase for just $1 (worth).


I would also like to give a shout out to willy bankloot on YouTube for inspiring me to start this log. You can check out his videos through his channel here.


You might be wondering what the point of this is? There is no point! I'm just having fun, and documenting my journey along the way!

What happens if you get banned?: I'm just going to restart. I find it entertaining!

Any plans to make it a member?: Nope!

Anti-ban?!?!: No. Just bot as if it were you actually playing. ?


So anyways, here's what I got...!


LAST UPDATED: 2018 08/27


R.I.P. ? 917 total levels! This is my record to beat for the next account! :D

(Also, beat ~14m net worth)


Milestones for those who tl;dr:


d775598da2231a9318de17863b158732.png (Day 11) - Hit 500 total levels!

209cbc02f2bcd5db6f37c5077e659028.png (Day 21) - Hit 700 total levels!

19e4620c30ffb98a1bf51c1887fcc061.png (Day 25) - Hit 750 total levels!

007d9b205a68d70f6f2cfdc65b67fce8.png (Day 26) - Hit 775 total levels!

01de8a239fcbe94a070d9c5e793858da.png (Day 28) - Hit 800 total levels! (I missed the chatbox notification lol)

abbda1f51266f026fa7d124bb991b62e.png (Day 34) - Hit 900 total levels!

ba55cca229ca6b1bb6a0df823fcf3876.png (Day 14) - Reached 50 combat!

29cd6574806faf54db6ee3baebde2692.png (Day 19) - Reached 60 combat!

43db63387a56d2369fff10d12a44fc24.png (Day 26) - Reached 70 combat!

5cde98fe282da0562b4f85a2bab2cecb.png (Day 32) - Reached 80 combat!

3ae777c2968ef80b5828a66fe3215354.png (Day 19) - Reached 1M total experience!

2358d4ca2d03bfc2cd1e57bafee7fcbf.png (Day 25) - Reached 2M total experience!

af47f8f064127cf6734e0f7003ee4007.png (Day 28) - Reached 3M total experience!


The gains!


Days 1-10 (These days are going to be when I actually ran a bot. So not the age of the account if that makes sense...)



Day 1:

(No pictures sorry)

  • Ran a tutorial island script.
  • Completed a few quests.
  • Trained a few combat skills.


Day 2:

(No pictures sorry)

  • Quested a bit more.
  • Started skilling, few levels here and there.


Day 3:



Day 4:



Day 5-8:



Day 9:



Day 10:

25e0caef8035241502d91397e1073e04.png 5004228c44f6da7ed98d7b949171a5be.png




Days 11-20:



Day 11:

(No pictures sorry)

Was a busy weekend IRL for me, couldn't really focus on botting too much.

  • Trained ranging for a little bit.


Day 12:



Day 13:

Not going to be able to train much today, so I did what I could.



Day 14:

Been away for a few days. The account is still very much alive. :D



Day 15:

Got some decent gains in, going to take a day or two to find some money making methods. I want to get my magic level up, but $.



Day 16:

Trained some combat, found my money maker. Unfortunately, it requires some pretty high combat stats.



Day 17: <Easter weekend> Hope everyone had a good one!

Trained some more combat, took a break and gained some mining levels.



Day 18:



Day 19:



Trained a few more combat skills, broke 1M total experience! Taking a 2-5 day rest...


Day 20:



Days 21-30:


Day 21:

2e1ae48a3cc73d73d392145598e54da3.png 209cbc02f2bcd5db6f37c5077e659028.png


Day 22:



Day 23 & Day 24: *



Day 25:



Day 26:



Day 27:



Day 28:



Day 29:



Day 30: Have been away for a bit!



Days 31-40:


Day 31: Progress has really slowed down due to IRL stuff. :((



Day 32:

dc32ebedb66d85a09952c34e8190cc53.png 5cde98fe282da0562b4f85a2bab2cecb.png


Day 33:



Day 34: Stat improvements aren't too different from day 33. Did some defense, and woodcutting.





Da fashionscape:




Drop some support, or tips and trick below! Thanks for viewing my progress.

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On 3/16/2018 at 6:51 PM, daamurda said:

looks like ur off to a good start!


Thank you! Level 126 maxed F2P, here I come!! xD


On 3/16/2018 at 7:08 PM, Coolst0rybr0 said:

not bad 

could've gotten it all in 4 days


Thank you.

I only bot when I'm around the house. :D


On 3/16/2018 at 7:48 PM, D Bolter said:

good job man, slow and steady (:

did you use stealth quester for the quests? Recently, I've been getting banned with that script quite frequently.


It wins the race. :D

Yeah, stealth quester for all the quests. I might have to do dragon slayer manually, unless I find something that works. My suicide bots seem to survive tutorial island + questing with no issues. :o


On 3/16/2018 at 8:22 PM, inababila said:

Good luck bro! :) 


Thank you!


On 3/17/2018 at 7:01 PM, FishGang said:

Good luck.... you are ballsy... fk botting f2p


It's a challenge, but it's just for fun. :)

The only difficult part is finding something to do that is profitable...


DAY 11 UPDATE: Didn't really get to do much over the weekend, however the account is alive and doing fine. Few range levels++.

Edited by Suorin
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6 hours ago, Shadie said:

Do you use the presets? Cause thats what I think gets people banned -> the same quest chain all the time

nope, i do random p2p quests in random orders lol. I prob should just do 1-2 quests at the time. Usually I do 3-5 and take a break but that doesn't seem to help lol.

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On 3/19/2018 at 8:48 AM, zwaffel said:

I try to only do 1-2 quests at a time 4than switch it up with some skilling or w/e (all botted) and maybe finish the day with another quest that seems to work. Well all my accounts are still running anyways. 


on topic: good luck on your adventure, keep us updated! 

Thank you!


UPDATE (Day 12): ee87a55806d5b31cee10b6c281c4a2d3.png


UPDATE (Day 13): a5600f9cf9bd4f52c807bab6b5ed5e65.png

Edited by Suorin
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