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  1. what would the requirements be for this?
  2. damn dude, you just gave me a great idea! iOS has this built in
  3. no, you named this "(Guide)" Which this has none of. Your title is wrong. Anyhow, I hope that someday in the future we will see this, would love to be able to just have my phone running while im at work botting
  4. After running this 24/7 for 3 weeks, Jagex finally got my bot ^^ Made about 40-45M in total, was a good run
  5. omg, this will be wonderful! looking forward for that release!
  6. my bot is on the 2nd week 24/7 running, F2P, no ban
  7. f2p only Did a test on p2p - just for the fun of it since it had earned enough for a bond anyway.. - one night of loot was approx. 2m, so I wouldn't say its worth it to switch to p2p tbh.. might need more days to test and see if it gets more valuable stuff, but so far - not worth.
  8. Heres another night of loot, I guess I just get my account offline for a little now.. it's been running for 3 days straight getting about 1-2M/day (picture quality is bad cause teamviewer from work) heres a proggy - don't know why G/E prices are off, but its way higher than what it shows:
  9. which world do you guys run it in? :p It seems like I never get any drops, lol ^^ EDIT; ran it for quite a while, runs like a charm, heres what I got ^^ https://prnt.sc/itgpqw
  10. Do you use the presets? Cause thats what I think gets people banned -> the same quest chain all the time
  11. why not just use an ahk script and an official client?
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