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[Alpha] OSBot Multiboxing Script

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I'm relatively new to OSRS botting, but it's become clear to me that our current approach to scripting just isn't panning out. We aren't able to effectively mimic human behavior to the point where we can significantly reduce banrates. Botting at this point in time is basically a guaranteed ban. And maybe there's not much we can do about that, but I'm willing to try a few things in the way of anti-ban/anti-pattern. 

My first tactic is this multobixing script I'm currently working on. Whatever system Jagex uses to detect and ban bots *shouldn't* detect accounts using multiboxing software. Maybe if they're on the same IP they could, but I seriously doubt their current system is designed to take into account multiboxing. Granted, it isn't botting in the traditional sense, but it's taking human effort and magnifying it many times over, and that may be the best approach going forward. 

I'm not saying multiboxing is the best long-term solution, but hopefully it'll be of benefit to some of you while I explore some other stuff, and will provide some insight about their macro detection software. 

I've got a video below. Note, the bug where the shrimp becomes selected instead of being dropped has been fixed in the latest dev version. Release will be posted soon, in the correct subforum. This topic was initially started just asking if anyone thought it would work and would it could be useful for. 

Also, my challenge to the community once this is released: On a fresh, clean IP, try to get banned with this. If it can cause a ban, we might learn something about BotWatch in the process.

Use cases:
- Fletching
- Herblore
- Runecrafting natures on karamja (abyss won't work due to random teleport locations, may be able to make a special modification for abyss RC)
- Fishing, if accounts are on the same world
- Wilderness PKing in multi (maybe lure your BH target to you? (; )
- Some quests
- Non-wilderness orb charging

Things you can't multibox:
- Combat
- Agility
- Anything where the location of objects/interfaces vary from world to world. 

- Add click queue, so that multiple clicks can be executed in short succession, and you don't have to slowly time your clicks when navigating things like bank interfaces
- Some sort of paint
- Combine command and control and client versions of the script into a single script.

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It would be very easy to create a script that controls many bots. Commands could include

- interact <object name> <action>

- walk <position> (position could be relative or absolute)

- deposit <item name> <count>

- withdraw <item name> <count>

- select <itemname>

- deselect <itemname>


This is could be done through a console, or through in game chat. The console is a better option because it masks the fact that you're botting. 

I'll probably end up making this application and posting it here on OSBot. Very easy to do and could be extremely useful for some people. 

Hopefully it would decrease banrates compared to botting. 

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