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  1. memecentral left Positive feedback   

    Vouch for this guy. Dealt with any problems that came up efficiently and got me the account I wanted.

    taraz was The Seller

  2. Hanul left Positive feedback   

    great guy sold him 5 tut accs fast and easy :D

    taraz was The Seller

  3. armandos left Positive feedback   

    Leveled up 2 of my accounts in no time :)

    taraz was The Seller

  4. transmission left Positive feedback   

    Completed a service for me, very inexpensive and fast. Thanks!

    taraz was The Seller

  5. RobertoCarlos left Positive feedback   

    Completed a service for taraz!

    taraz was The Seller

  6. RobertoCarlos left Positive feedback   

    Got a fighter torso for him!

    taraz was The Seller

  7. Imagine left Positive feedback   

    got me 51 agility, responsive guy!

    taraz was The Seller

  8. oualid left Positive feedback   

    Succesfully bought 6 Zulrah accounts and 200M everything went well and fast thx bro

    taraz was The Seller

  9. joaozinxk left Positive feedback   

    bank organization

    taraz was The Seller

  10. sonda left Positive feedback   

    Sold a private script to this man, very patient and easy to work with! prompt payment also!

    taraz was The Buyer

  11. Transporter left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a private script. Transaction went smoothly and a was pleasure to work with! :) +++

    taraz was The Buyer

  12. HoneyDewBubbleT left Positive feedback   

    Leveled his hunter from 18-63 for 5mil. Received 2.5mil first and 2.5mil after completion. Took a while to receive the second half of the payment but understandable given his family circumstance.

    taraz was The Buyer

  13. mazarini left Positive feedback   

    Purchased 4.5m OSRS GP. Went first, smooth trade.

    taraz was The Seller

  14. JamesJohn01470 left Positive feedback   

    He Did some Tut island for me thank you very much mate :D

    taraz was The Seller

  15. Jonny left Positive feedback   

    Did a Quest for him

    taraz was The Buyer

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