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quitting/taking a break

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For the past month I've lost motivation more and more for scripting and botting as a whole. I feel like I'm stuck doing the same things all over again and not progressing in terms of my programming. I have a couple of ideas of things related to botting I would like to make but I feel like I don't have the skillset required to execute them at the moment. Instead I will be focusing on other Java related things.

I've had a really great time here and this is what got me into programming which I'm grateful for. The members of this community are awesome and I want to especially thank @Explv and @Apaec for always helping out with scripting related questions. I doubt I will quit forever so until I'm back, bye.


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Good luck! (:

There are always things to learn and it's great that you found something that interests you. I'm sure that once you learn a bit more about java, you will look back and see places where you can use what you have learned. Perhaps that will give you motivation to return with some cool content!



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