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  1. He then messaged me again saying he had paid by PayPal? When he clearly hasn’t now he won’t respond to my message. For gods sake, kids running rampage during Easter break.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll train it to 75. Probably got about 300 hours to go.
  3. Value of this account? Thanks.
  4. I haven’t got answers back on 3 accounts in about 3 weeks now.. is that normal? the accounts that successfully got quashed were approved within a few days.
  5. The software keeps thinking I’m moving my mouse, any idea why? ( I’m not ).
  6. Thanks for sharing what program you use, in the process of making some accounts my self.
  7. Pryzm


    Wrong Section broooooooo
  8. 1 in everything else?
  9. Pryzm

    99mage 10hp

    90mage is 80$ on PA, just gauged from there.
  10. Pryzm

    99mage 10hp

    I reckon you could get 100m for these.
  11. Pryzm

    Fruity NMZ

    What's ban rate recently guys?
  12. Are you offering trials?
  13. Zulrah / Barrows ready and easy once you've worked out the efficiency.
  14. Pryzm

    Making HCIM

    I'll probably sell this in a month once I get bored of it to be honest. Almost bored of it now after 5 days..
  15. People are frauding them so it doesn't matter to them.
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