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Do mostly legit mains still get perm banned?

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Hi all,

I was wondering whether or not Jagex show any mercy to main accounts when caught botting?

My main has been 100% legit up until now, has decent stats (1600ish total level) on OSRS and very good stats (half maxed) on RS3. The account is probably 12 years old and has no active offences. I've never been banned for botting before on any other account either so I doubt my IP is blacklisted either (if that's even a thing?)

You may ask why even bother but to be honest I've barely played this game for years, I log in quite frequently but barely play. I wouldn't be devastated if I got banned and I'm interested to see how much I can progress my account with sensible (3-4h a day) botting.


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You will eventually be banned. They don't care if your an old player or not. Whilst the double exp, I did use an auto-clicker on smithing and got banned for a day, although, it was my first time botting in this game and have been registered since 2006. The total is ~ 2550. 1 advice from your little bro. Don't risk it!

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I think 2 days are becoming less and less common, YMMV though.

I’ve had accounts permanently banned with high combat stats at zulrah. And I’ve had an account get a 2 day from hunting chins.

Ive also had fresh accounts get permanant banned from stun alching, yet one got a 2 day for doing the same thing.

I think it depends on whether it was manual or not, but I’m just speculating now.


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