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  1. He had some very precise stats showing in these pictures, and precise bank wealth may of been pretty easy for them as we know they are able to know what people have in banks from those bot busting streams.
  2. Yea, legit read about it super crazy that it could possible be true.
  3. Could you do agility rooftops? and how can you do multiple accounts at once
  4. Mr 1 feedback chatting pure shit
  5. Provide me proof of me ever buying and selling at the same price and I will RIP my dick off xD, just chatting pure shit tbh...
  6. Seems legit have a variety of feedback for all totally legitimate things but i'm a "feedback farmer" LOL
  7. Add my Skype live:rammarramlam
  8. And what do you think everyone else does for their feedback? it is all the same, vouchers, buying and selling gold, training, selling tutorials. feedback just comes with anything you do.
  9. Add my Skype and send offers : live:rammarramlam 0.80-0.85
  10. You should keep the 2 accounts completely separate, don't trade with each other have the accounts on different ip's use a proxy for the account u r botting. But if you really care about it I wouldn't recommend it.
  11. RAM

    Selling 177M

    Yea all good but i'm not just getting another mill am I? legit over doubled what I had, usually wouldn't look like spam however very little new posts have been made in a short period of time. this thread will be here for ages no need to cry.
  12. RAM

    Selling 177M

    I thought it was obvious, as each thread had a different title but clearly you didn't see that. Can't edit titles though unless i'm blind.
  13. RAM

    Selling 177M

    Yea but the other one is for 66M and this one is for 177M.
  14. PM or add Skype 0.85 per mill live:rammarramlam
  15. Taking PP $0.90 per mill add my Skype live:rammarramlam
  16. live:rammarramlam add my skype
  17. $0.90 PP per mill add my Skype live:rammarramlam
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