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Account selling requirements

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Just now, Imagine said:

It seems to me lately that the majority of the scams are coming from people recovering accounts.

I think the team should consider raising the post count requirements to sell accounts on here as well as perhaps add a feedback minimum requirement.

Already been discussed and it doesn't work, people will just put a little more effort and still sq.

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29 minutes ago, Juggles said:

People need to realize that's it's better to pay 10% more to buy off trusted people than going with randoms just because it's cheaper. 

Some of you would rather lose 150m in a scam than pay 180m for an account 


37 minutes ago, Fearsy said:

There's only so much OSbot can do, people shouldn't be buying from people with low feedback anyway

Agreed, at the end of the day it's up to the buyer to be responsible. But 100 post count imo is so low. 

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3 minutes ago, border22 said:

If people want to scam they'll put in the extra effort. Look at botting, the free trade after 7 qp now it's just a little extra work to bot. If people really want to scam they will.

Yawn, yes sure. But the higher requirement will deter people from scamming here and it will be more of a pain in the ass for them to scam here. 

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Paying 180m to get scammed is worse than paying 150m to get scammed lol, in my eyes EVERYONE is or will be a scammer. 

Tbh stricter account sales requirements isn't a bad idea but it'll drive prices up for everyone I think. There wouldn't be enough account sellers to meet demand.

Honestly the safest way for a buyer is to use PayPal. I know sellers hate this simply for the fact that now the status quo has shifted and they have to be honest about not recovering an account for fear of a chargeback. At least this way both parties have a hand on the wheel. The seller would still have the edge though because the OO can always recover the account. The buyer might not be successful with their chargeback. 

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