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Zulrah botting

Dilly Dilly

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Sooo yeah opinions on this? 

I've done this in the past but I got banned often due to im assuming "bad bot habits" but yet i check the fruity thread time and time again to see people go 30 days with no ban and have made hundreds of mills in profit. My question is how....some people say bot no more than 2-3 hours a day in zulrah to avoid bans... That's not even worth the profit......just saw one guy say he did 5.3k kc on one account in 30 days....That's pretty impressive...any recommendations to "bot safely" on zulrah please 


How many hours a day? 

How long before break? 

How long break? 


Please opinions only none of the troll spam bullshit as im looking for legit feedback 

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