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  1. can't dm you 😢 what's your discord? <3 

  2. If you can hold responibilty for potential recoveries I’m interested.
  3. Yes but they are still up for sale for a reason, don't tell me why. 70m per account, just message me when you're selling.
  4. I can take all, not at that price though. Get 75hp and defence, then we can start talking about prices close to that. Let me know if you want these accounts sold.
  5. If you think DCH proxies means you get banned within 24 hours I don't know what else to say. DCH proxies are datacenter proxies which are used by 99% of botters. As well as VPN services.
  6. No such thing as flagged IP. Myths, myths and ongoing myths.
  7. I know it works, I just said that. Did you misread?
  8. Recording your clicks on a smartphone and playing the clicks for X amounts of time is not impossible. Basically AHK botting for smartphones, I know it's possible on a jailbreaked iPhone, android probably has it built in already.
  9. https://shop.copped.io/products/residential-proxies-1-month?variant=47056616966 You pay per data usage not each individual proxy. You can use unlimited amounts of IP's. You can probably run 10k proxies for a full day using 2gb. The left over data you can use during 1 month. Basically world wide locations.
  10. Jagex can take out farms by subnets (together with botting evidence, routines, trades etc etc...) If you don't know the association between subnets and proxies, please take 5 mins and read about it. This is from my own experience.
  11. Buying accounts again! Seriously, trusted people only. Cheers!
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