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Smart Botting On Main


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Hello all, so I am a returning player to Runescape and I don't really have the time to always grind skills and level them up so I am considering botting on my main account. I know that I shouldn't technically bot on an account that I don't want to lose but since I don't have much free time to always grind I think it's worth the risk, if all else fails a permanent ban will make me quit :laugh:. So when botting on my main account I plan to:

  • Babysit the client and interact with clan chat and maybe even input a few movement on my own.
  • Bot for a maximum of 4h a day and not in one go but preferably 2/3h on weekdays and 4h on weekends.
  • Not bot agility or runecrafting since they have a high ban rate.
  • Only use the VIP scripts or other premium scripts from this forum.

My main account is also quite old so taking on all in mind, would my ban chances be very low?

Also any other tips and advice would be much appreciated.

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2 minutes ago, liverare said:

"Smart Botting On Main"

The smart way to bot on your main is to not bot on your main.

As I said in my original post, I understand that but it's the only way I can progress in the game when I have university :/.

5 minutes ago, xLoCo said:

Mix up what skills you do, don't bot for long periods of times and take it slow starting it out if it is a fresh account.

Thanks, I will try to limit botting one skill to 2h a day.

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