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being told its a bad time to bot

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is this true?


I used to bot all the time and never got banned a couple years ago, but Im being told that it isnt whether its safe or not anymore, but just a matter of time before you get banned because of their client detection. Ive been botting for 2 weeks now and have been very careful which scripts I use, but if its really just a dark age for bots right now, it'd be nice to stop while im ahead

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Currently have a 1500+ skill total that i started just after Christmas. Bot 12-14 hours a day with lots of small breaks, switch the times up regularly. But I'm only able to do this because of trial and error of the current paid scripts.

I know not to go near abyss crafting with khal's runecrafter because you will 100% get banned as well as using project's AIO hunter at red chins, its only a matter of time i'm afraid. The very first script I bought was oSFisher and had bans with that thing within 2 hours of using it so it's really just trial and error until you find a system that works.


Its not like years ago when you could bot Idung for 6 days straight while also running 40 level 99 f2p yew cutters on the same computer 24/7 and have none of them get banned. You have to be smart about it now.

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