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Hey guys, the title is pretty self explanatory... watch out for bitcoin.  The 26th the biggest future contracts come due and its been widely speculated that the whales are purposely oppressing the price of BTC in order to make money off of the futures contracts.  I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing some action this week involving bitcoin and its price beginning to drastically increase again.  Im not sure whether or not this will affect the alts though, because normally when BTC goes up the alts bleed.  Although throughout all of January most alts are at an all time low... Either way, this will be an interesting next week or two!

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1 hour ago, IDontEB said:

I used to come to this site for Runescape botting but now I come for the amazing crypto trading advice everyone seems to have! I sold my house last week and am following all the advice posted on forums.

well cryptos are the best way to sell osrs gold, no chargebacks.

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