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Defender script please

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Would love to see a defender script since we already have an unofficial warrior guild token script. Mainly need up to rune but hey if you wanna add dragon defender support be my guest. 


And i just saw that bank organizer script  someone was posting about in another section but if someone could make that that would be fantastic ^_^

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4 hours ago, Madara said:

good luck waiting, lmfao

requested a trial from khal like 2 months ago still haven't gotten it

yeaa kinda figured that's the issue going on lol i found better way to do it and free ;)


animated armour unofficial script + juggles aio fighter

set fighter up to attack cyclops and loot current defender, check every few min to see if picked up yet. if it does then restart script with new defender to loot

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24 minutes ago, Golden pk said:

Use the AnimatedArmour script by scriptersteve and an AIO fighter whilst babysitting - or you could ask him and he may make an actual cyclops one to go with it.


or just pay money and get the paid script??

$10 bucks for a script i'll hardly ever touch isn't viable for me. i rather use animated and juggles fighter as i previously said unless someone wishes to make a defender script. the current script is for ALL of warriors guild when im needing a very specific thing, in fact i didn't even ask for a armour script i was asking for the script to go kill cyclops and loot defenders with banking supported. 

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2 hours ago, boozer said:

would be awesome man :D whats the script your working on if i may?

It’s a sand crab script. Not sure if I’m gonna release it , apaec already has a great one.

I’ll let you know when I start working on the defender one.


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