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  1. I've botted for like 24+ hrs straight without a ban, multiple times. Location and the script you use definitely plays a huge factor. Went years without a ban, and then one day I carelessly fell asleep while botting RC abyss running nats and was perma'd (had received my first ban for botting a few months before for using the same script, but doing a different rune). ^ That was taken years ago, maybe 2013 or 2014 in early OSRS.
  2. I went from like 43 to 75 running abyss nats for several weeks (some days were 12 hour+ runs), and then ran Lavas for like 2 hours I think, and then was handed a 48 hour ban. That was way earlier in the year (like January I think?), the 6 month probation period or whatever has already expired.
  3. There's an issue with the bot where if the player gets attacked while in the abyss the player will just stop moving regardless if auto-retal is on or off.
  4. Incredible. AMD shaking in their boots right about now.
  5. not sure if actually trying to sell this trash main, or just showing off quashed bans. mirin
  6. If you pay me 10m I'll take it off your hands
  7. I can do this for you. Contact @Mordred @Fratem or @drapi
  8. Is your range 62 or is it 70
  9. good luck waiting, lmfao requested a trial from khal like 2 months ago still haven't gotten it
  10. Lava runecrafting (w/ Imbue) not working. Using only Giant and Large pouches... Astral, Earth and Water in inventory and bot will withdraw pure essence but will not close bank and fill pouches with essence. Using Mirror Mode. Edit: The issue, as someone in this thread pointed out weeks ago, is that the bot does not work when using Giant pouch for Lava runecrafting.
  11. @Czar When do you plan on enabling runepouch support for lava rune runs? Important for NPC contact and magic imbue.
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