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Another 99 With AutoClicker

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My first post got deleted probly because it was in wrong section,

So this is for all haters agains AutoClicker this is my 99 in 12-13 acounts withc is 100% autoclicked.






It is possible to autoclick- Cooking, Fletching, Magic, Nmz, Thief, Agility (not full afk, cuz of camera rotation)


Program I use is Mouse and Keyboard recorder, found on piratebay (cracked) but there is many other programs just google...


To avoid automatic camera rotation you can use Konduit client, it does not rotate camera at all after hours.

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Just now, PerryThePlatypus said:

Care to share any additional info?


What program do you use?

How long are your sessions? Since it's not full afk do you randomly rotate the camera yourself?


Mouse and Keyboard recorder, its on pirate bay cracked version, i do it whole day,7-10 hours, i got records of 1-2h hours couple of them and just replay them,camera rotates only for agility 

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I have done this on multiple accounts aswell paid 10 dollar for Jitbit mouse and keyboard recorder on mac. 

Best purchase ever in my opinion if you are creative and have some time on your hand you can easily fletch, cook, magic, do herblore all fully afk did it for multiple accounts 1-99 .


Tip: bank chest at wintertodt when fully zoomed is big enough to camp with the automatic rotation. very easy to fletch and do herblore. 

hope this helps :)



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30 minutes ago, LeBron said:

Does this mean you can't use your mouse and keyboard while botting or watching a movie in full screen for example because OSRS client has to be on top?


but what you can do is go outside :D!

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