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Olympic Farming

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Yeah, so as you all know, I've pursued rapping as a career, here is a verse from one of my other tracks..

Olympic farming ??
In the game I could’ve broke my hands?
On the other side, I could’ve broke my bank??
Nuff time man lurk for the competition ?
Three bots, 4 scripts, whole squad get farming ⏱
I don’t know how the pricks never caught me?
Gave 22 skripts but the boys still resisting ?
I don’t do Farming and Chill ☠
I get money, mash bots and skript ?
I see jagex ban, ban, trip, splash, back start spill?
Ask them, how kickbacks feel? (Oi Jagex) ?
Gyal said she in love with the farm, oi hold this farm, come show me that’s real ?
And my brothers savage (oi Chatbox) ?
Oi calm down ?
I'm on main road farming ?
Free @Slicer, two accounts get flipping ?
Viston step, chatbox get wet ⛏
Jagex chase, go home with your ban hammer?
Up front, better play your position ?
Talk on my name, I'll slide where you chilling ?
12 scripts pump, no beam you know I get em' ?
Dem man chat 'bout bands?
Spent 8 on my shoes and my farm still kicking ??
Mount of times that I've ridden?
Partner get em', while I do the fishing?
Fantastic vibe when the competition goes swimming ?
Moneybag, many spins on kittens ?

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