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  1. 15m +1m supplies - your bond (otherwise 19,8m) hisid1#0324 Only doing 2 at a time. No more or less. ETA: 48h
  2. can do this starting today hisid1#0324 - for discord
  3. @194m I hope he provides screenshots for those low prices.
  4. Can make you 4 Builds ETA 2-3 days Build 1 - 15m your bond + 2m supplies @Magy can use MM Discord: hisid1#0324
  5. Can start this in 6-8h > price is 45m
  6. Can do this. Pm my discord to discuss further: hisid1#0324
  7. Check your discord mate
  8. had an argument with him too - he had a quite rude and respectless attitude ... knew something was going on
  9. was it with breaks? if so, what setup?
  10. He was super rude with me when I got in contact with him to speak about his "worker" conditions. When I said I wouldn't want to pay 100m 07 as a deposit and asked if there is another way he responded to me a bit later with "Ok 75m is fine too". That response was already very weird - someone who does have a professional service /business sticks to his rules tbh. He started getting mad at me and I would waste his time etc. got me mad with his behaviour. If a customer treats you like shit, don't do orders for them / quit the job - edit your TOS. That's a really weak excuse.
  11. @TutIslander got recently banned - he scammed a few customers (see dispute archive) aswell as his worker @Erupt If you bought any accounts of these scammers, be aware that they might recover them. I am too nice tbh - I checked his feedback to see who bought accounts of him - will link you all here: @Divergent07 @youngthugga @mrjohnjones @Baklazanas @aliraj @Pitt @3ezi @ozeki6 @Magma @piscenian @florti1 @zachfreshh1 @Biggmoney @Protoprize @Eldrism @ownagge @vendicci @T4TT03D @1011 @Only Nature @Moolah @Y0m0 @Henrimaster9 @border22 @hreyvirtue @Searchy @Ates @nightcl4w @Skrizzly @Asalon @miquel1 If you appreciate my post - hit the LIKE button. You're welcome. Never scam - it's not worth it. You will regret it longterm. RiseOfRage
  12. what script did you use? How many hours did you bot per day with how many breaks?
  13. magic 80 only = 35m / 85 = 45m / 90 = 60m
  14. Can do this for 5m - starting now - you pay first or middle man ( you cover fees )
  15. feetsmeller HPDesjkjet TBoner PhtomPenis DoggystyleU SaintErectus
  16. Can do 1 acc rn - Build 1 price per acc done by me: 15m + bond + 2,3m in supplies (cash on acc) ETA: done within next 16h - refunding you 25% per extra 12h time I need Discord: hisid1#0324
  17. Can do this, just add my discord to discuss: hisid1#0324
  18. I can help you with fair / cheap pricing. pm my discord: hisid1#0324 I will be doing questing cheaper than @Panda
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