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Ripped bank and standing in lumbridge..

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I'm sure there's more valuable accounts than your 500k bank signed into OSBot right now - hell even some black chin bots would have more value and I have never seen any posts about them going missing.

You probably got phished by going to a Double XP stream on Twitch lol.

Just change your password and go spin flax for a few hours - then you'll make your bank loot back!

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Just now, svuno said:

No need to be a smartass. The amount of GP for people is relative. The point is, that its annoying that you obviously cant trust it.

the money you can get by selling gp isnt relative though.

Please explain me why anyone from the osbot stuff would waste their time to steal your gold they can sell for less than a $. 

And if that was true they would lose customers (AKA WAY MORE MONEY) because noone would use a bot with admins that steal your shit.

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Just now, svuno said:

It might sounded like, that I blame the website OSBOT, that was NEVER actually intended. 
Anyway, if I've gotten an authenticator now and changed my password, as that what I can do for now? And yes, I know its stupid that I didnt have authenticator.

Did you use any local scripts?

Local scripts are written by users and are not reviewed by OSBot staff. Only the scripts found on the SDN are guaranteed safe.

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1 minute ago, svuno said:

Nope, only premium script/pay scripts

Then the source of the 'breach' wasn't down to OSBot. That's a simple given due to all code on the SDN being reviewed - and unless @Maldesto is looking to double up at the arena with some insane luck I think you can safely assume it wasn't us :doge:

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