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Heya all,

I recently joined this community for a Runecrafting bot. I bought it and then realized that I could give some suggestions for it, then realized I didn't really need the bot as I could just level boost up to complete my diary task. Long story short, my account now gets free membership from Zaff.

Anyways, I've never really been into botting on Runescape, which I have played since 03, however I do enjoy programming and think creating some scripts for myself would be fun. I also bought a lifetime because I'd like to be a part of the community, and it was only $100, lmao.(I think that Cyan name looks delicious, oh bby)

Here's some basic facts about me:
Age: 22
Gender: I'ma dude
Profession: Software Developer
Location: GA, USA.
Interests: Anime, Video Games, Xianxia novels(Wuxiaworld anyone? Been there since month 1), Driving fast(especially on my motorcycle), Paranormal stuff(Spooky spooky), and Food mmmm.
Currently doing: Touching my- I mean, I'm at work typing this onto a Runescape bot forum, woohoo for getting paid to write an introduction on a website.
Fav food: Pizza, derp.
Fav Game: Kingdom Hearts!(Runescape is pretty cool too, I guess...)
Fav Anime: Dragonball Z, obviously. Manga: Air Gear. Webtoon: Tower of God/Noblesse/The God of Highschool(Super kawaii indecisiveness).
Fav Xianxia Novel: I Shall Seal The Heavens! MENG HAO'S MY BOY!
Goals for joining: Make lifetime friends to accommodate my lifetime sub!

Anyways, I think that should suffice for a quick intro. I hope everyone will take care of me!


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