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Appealing my perm ban on main


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Hey guys, so I recently found out you can for a limited time appeal a perm ban. I have this account for the past 6 years. Lately it got banned from botting Zulrah for 2 days. It had over 1800+ total level. I was wondering if I should admit to botting on this appeal, since I clearly got caught maybe being sincere would help, as in lying would not? Has anyone had any experiences on how they went about their appeal and have you been succesful? Thanks

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3 minutes ago, dragonite3000 said:

many men claim to have gotten accounts unbanned but just like a 13 pray cape I'm not buying it.

any proof? like ive seen someone complain about not getting the account back and showing the rejection email but i am yet to witness a successful one...( it should be my appeal HAHAH )

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