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  1. As the title says, is there no possible way from stopping this? I want to open 10 mirror clients but everytime I try to hook it connects to the one already hooked? Thanks.
  2. Also found this error on mirror? Edit: Can confirm this happens on mirror and injection. https://gyazo.com/d3bbd8eec5ac9b27adff854ed96a0d21
  3. I have all matrials, but I am using magic imbue on my main, which makes it so I do not need earth talisman, but the bot still brings earth talisman. is this supposed to happen?
  4. Bot is stuck on calculating? @Czar lava runes, master/slave has been set and slave is the one that got stuck on calculating trying to withdraw item earth talisman? Does this support magic imbue mode or do I have to use earth talisman https://gyazo.com/1db18180cbce3cb68b576e3cd2a00591
  5. I will buy hope to see this
  6. @Czar Does this support ZMI muling?
  7. So would multiple subnets help against bans or it's not really necessary? The site I was looking at said exclusive but it was not residential.
  8. If I were to buy a private Socks proxy, would I need to get one with exclusive/multiple subnets or does this not matter? I am sort of confused about what that even is xD. Can anyone enlighten me 0.0?
  9. Stock actually changed and was at 260m recently until I sold 100m, the back to 160m. As well, apologies but currently I only take PayPal from members with vouches, you joined Sunday and have no vouches atm.
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