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Chuckles merching thread


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Over the next few months I am going to be Merching various items, Ill be tracking progress in here and if anyone wants to get involved feel free to message me on Skype or post below

The more of the item that's bought the more the price goes up so the more people who want to get involved the better

with other merching clans you cant see buy and sell prices so i think with the transparency and pictures it easier for everyone




Item 1  - Unchanged Trident 


Why this item?

There are multiple factors which will make the trident increase in value over the next few weeks
Its one of the highest magic dps weapons in the game.
Tthe new mage amour coming out with raids it will make it more popular
The new bosses in raids may require magic damage the trident would become much more popular, at the moment its only very effective at barrows and even there the tome of fire is as effective. (if this is the case it will fly up, but its not 100%)
The combination of these factors and the decreased amount available with me + others buying them all up will easily increase the price
also the average amount traded is only about 600 per day so we can buy up all of the daily traded amount very cheap and slowly drive the price up without a massive starting pile 
Start date 16/12/2016
Dump date (2 week after raids come out)
extra info on trident 



Day 1


I stupidly stuck them back in way above the buy price just out of curiosity, and they sold 

A nice profit but this is a flip, not a Merch so bit of a fail day 1...


Day 2 


About the same amount bought on my main, so i stuck a 2nd offer in on another account so i can buy more faster

again i stuck some back in way above and they sold...


Stopped putting them back in GE, they are easy to flip but i want to remove a lot of them from circulation to reduce the amount buying/selling and drive up the price

Day 2 end stock

Acc 1


Acc 2


I am going to Ireland for 10 days for Christmas so just going to leave 200m in GE on both accs buying them up until i get back 

leaving offers


Day 15

n holidays about 400 Tridents bought i updated the price twice when i was on a laptop there

bought loads at 177k and loads at 183k








dumping while buying more so the price does not crash hard

this method of dumping ill be using on all items, if you just flood the market it would crash 2 fast and ruin profits

From my time away i made about 19k adverage per trident and 440 bought

if i had more accounts or updated the price more often or bought at a higher price i could have got a lot a lot more tridents 


Day 1,  23 x 16,445 = 378,235

Day 2,  62 x 17,000 = 1,054,000

This was accidental profit but I thought I would add it to keep the thread accurate,

There will be no more until we dump the first item after raids come out

flipping is great and easy money but you have to do it daily on accounts, if we can get into the swing of merching we can just leave offers in for months then cash out and repeat 

Day 15, 440 x 19,000 = 7,790,000


Final notes on item one, 

went from 168,555 -> 199,000
30,445 max profit per item

Sold off the remaining staffs while merching and flipping managed to make about 15m total 18%

Item 2  - Bolt Racks


Why this item?

Bolt racks used to be 115gp each 3gp per xp on range xp

they are now buying at 60 (1.5gp per range xp) 

A big factor on their price crash has been so many people doing barrows getting ready for raids

There is much more bolt racks in the game and no1 using them,


This crash along with the increase in damand on the blow pipe for raids has made them a very cheap alternative way to train range

only 20% less xp per hour and almost 4 times cheaper at the current prices



Bolt racks



Zulrah scales (for blow pipe)




Range is a expensive skill only other quick training methods are chins which cost ALOT

therefore eventually bolt racks will go up in price


so I am going to bulk buy at 60 for the next few weeks 


any1 else whos keen is welcome to join 






ended up selling 1.4m of them over the 2 accounts 56-60 buy price 72 sell price

18%+ profit

Item 3  -  Blood runes



Blood runes have recently dropped massively in price.

due to the removal of AHK there is less blood runes coming into the game and they give some of the best magic xp in the game

They also have a high alch value of 240. so it is extremely unlikely that they will drop beyond the current point 





This will be a quick merch 229-240 buy price



Ended up buying 1.5m+ bloods over 2 weeks for 229-232 each and sold them all for 240-245 











Missed out alot of screen's as i was buying and selling alot, more flipping than merching but price has risen as expected. its now very hard to buy under 233 each

Ill continue this time for a few more weeks as i think they will exceed 250 each but ill add a new item soon :)




Yeah i was right they are exceeding 250 already and still going up





ive sold off alot of my stock got like 220k left and still trying to buy more at law ball price but perfect prediction 

229 -> 250+ in just 14 days

rip sold 2 early again... still a nice profit so cant complain 

 Item 4 - Mithril darts



Darts price


Due to the recent drop in the cost of zulrah scales more and more people will be using the blow pipe for training

Bolt racks have also increased in price by almost double lately so the only fast alternative training method for range is chins which are very very expensive 

due to these factors mithril darts will go from 50 - 70+ each within the next week

simple merch buy at 50-55 each

sell at 70+




sold most of the darts at 71 but they started to sell very slow so dropped price to 67 to get rid

last 35k in at 67 should sell today


made a sweet profit on them and am continuing to flip them as they are such a highly traded item



 Item 5 - Amulet of fury

The amulet of fury never really goes up or down in price much it always sits between 2.9-3.1m this is due to the massive volumes traded every day
roughly 7000 furys traded daily, 3m each  (roughly 21b in daily trade) 
in order to drive the price up even a little would require at least 10b+ 
so this isn't really a merch its more of a observation.
The new fight caves coming out june first is reported to inflict very high damage on the player and require tribrid (all 3 attack stances)
along with this being an endurance based mini game id suspect alot of people going with fury over the higher Tier necklaces which provide no defensive bonuses and use up 2 extra invent slots
due to this and furys buying at a low price of 2980k at the moment i can easily see them going for 3150k+ in the next few weeks
I do not have enough to drive up the price to ensure they hit that but they never really go down in price much so its a sound investment
Im currently buying 200 over 8 accounts
More updates when ive bought them all :)

 Item 5 - Rune Knife


Brutal black dragons are getting nerfed soon 


they are a major source of rune knifes in the game  

they drop 25, the only other monster that drops them is crazy arch who drops 10 

with rune bars being being 12k each and only making 5 knives per bar there is no other source coming into the game at the moment 


and a relatively good demand on them for pking/range staking 


Giving the massive amounts coming into the game from brutal blacks they have been crashing lately 


im buying them on 4 accounts at the min just started at 430 each 

expect them to go back up around 500+ in a month 600+ eventually 



more updates to come 

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What happened to the corp project?

changed it to raids project

waiting for release 

I used to merch alot months ago. But then I went back to botting.

You should definitely remove that screenshot of your buy offer, or atleast censor the price. I can just overcut your offer by 1gp causing you to have 0 stalves bought and 0 profit when you get back.

Na i want it to be transparent.


I am not to fussed on profits first time more just to find what works and what does not


maybe next time 

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