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Today I fucked up LMAO


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So a personal friend of mine plays RuneScape too, he's not a botter but he recently discovered NMZ autoclicking and has been doing that for the past week. I told him how autoclicking is an easy macroing minor but he continually denies it and claims that he's unstoppable.


As a joke, I threatened to email tipoff@jagex.com with his username and he knew it was a joke.

As seen here:




I thought it would be pretty fun for me to construct a fake DM with Mod Weath where I apparently hand in my friend's username.




The prank was going smoothly.

This is what he sent to me after I showed him the fake DMs.




He blocked me after this but I told him it was a prank.





He was pissed, nothing I couldn't handle. The real fuck up started this morning.


The guy who I pranked, his brother got banned today for macroing major (He actually bots I think)



My friend is so pissed rn and he thinks I'm the one who got his brother banned somehow.



Just thought you'd enjoy that.


I spoke to the brother and he knows I had nothing to do with it, this is pretty funny for me.


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