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  1. Can't stop laughing from this LOL
  2. Could do smithing easily if you have reqs + supplies.
  3. Will you pay for the supplies? Not only that, but do you also want HP exp or not?
  4. Update on stats: Account has 72 Slayer now + 95 Ranged - Making it perfect for wyvern camping as well. Edit #2: 96 ranged - +40% done to level 97
  5. Hmm, I could only do the trade in a couple hours also, is that ok by you?
  6. Got a HCIM and a Zulrah/Wyvern alternative, flexible on both of them
  7. artkid0

    mith gloves

    8m - Gets completed within a day. (both pre + quests)
  8. 20m, you have my skype.
  9. Jesus LOL Well, maybe they have a sense of humour?
  10. Hmmm, 22-25m, since magic can be afked as well as ranged
  11. Added you on skype, might have the perfect account for you! ^^
  12. Depends on the time frame you want the account to be done.
  13. will you provide supplies? If so, could do this for 20m.
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