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Being autologged by a jmod


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I've set up an autoclicker to train mage and also recorded my character training it. Sometimes I leave it on for overnight and noticed that my account gets randomly logged. It doesn't get disconnected or anything, but it just logs out while clicking. It's not the 6 hour timer either, because my account's only been on for like 2 hours. The autoclicker ends up repeatedly clicking the login screen page. Thankfully, I've set it up to where the script stops after a minute if I'm logged out. This seems to be an instance where a jmod manually reviewed my character and insta-logged me to test if my script would get stuck clicking the main screen. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced something similar? I didn't get banned (at least not yet). 

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They have 0 reason to log you out and if they suspect that you're botting/autoclicking they'll have better methods than: "hey lets log him out and see if he buttommashes on the homescreen!"

Prolly just a dc.


I wouldn't be so sure about that. So many people these days use a typical autoclicker (some don't even have random delays) that it would be trivial to simply log them out and see if they continue clicking. This never happens during Jagex' off hours btw. 

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