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Shall I uninstall windows defender`?


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I Would like to point out some important things regarding anti virus software.


Most 'premium' softwares check everything you download by extracting them and scanning the code for pre-defined definations.

People who would like to do nasty things to your PC are always 1 step ahead of the defination libraries anyways.


This also causes longer load times. For example everytime you play a game, load a map, models etc. the software checks them for malicious content inside of those files.


The best anti-virus out there is thinking twice before doing something. Defender and MBAM is the way to go for most people however.

Stay a safe distance from AVG, Norton, McAfee etc. bullshit. thanks.


EDIT. Also I think it's unethical for the companies mentioned above make their users think they are safe from everything if they use mentioned software.

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