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  1. we all know web walking, but i have something even better. introducing WebAntiban; WebAntiban does antiban in a web see below Features in version alpha 1.0.0 Checks your fishing experienced in completely new, pseudo randomized manner that you have never seen. Hovers mouse over random objects by selecting atleast 3 random objects and looping between them in a web. Rotates camera to obsecure angles using AngleGrinder -technology. Interrupts your current task to do some prayer and herblore by it's own. more coming
  2. You most likely got banned because of Bogla. I also got a RWT ban by using his swapping service.
  3. Not much, considering the following Joined: 1 Hour ago 1 post TOTAL RATING N/A
  4. I would say it's you silly random delay that is glitching out. Just use static sleep.
  5. Hello, Thanks for being my Facebook fren. I am looking forward to begin worshiping Satan, and would like to hear your feedback on worshiping Him. I've heard that you are supposed to sacrifice a living goat to Him, but since I live in a big city, and I am no redneck hillbilly, could I just buy some lamb tenderloin from my local supermarket? Also I am fairly interested in His later work on earth, if you could post me a good article about it also? Thanks many times, Sincerely your fren Wife Hail Satan!
  6. Wife

    New car

    well this is taking bullshit to a whole new level? what the fuck was the point of this? this is not even straight up bragging, this is just straight up retarded.
  7. since when did someone ask you if you were gay or not? "ironman btw"
  8. Just got permanent ban for 'Macroing Gold Farmer' Im fine with it, but how ever, what I did was swapped 2B RS3 GP to OSRS
  9. He already made a 180 degree turn and advanced to Argentina.
  10. Hey, so I finally decided to take some time and check out the scripting API, so far I've managed to create a script that completes the Restless Ghost quest, simply by just messing around with classes, web walking and interactions. So, now It's time to create my first real script. Please post suggestions about what script you would like to see. I am very familiar with OSRS mechanics and know a decent bit of Java, so I feel like I could take a shot on almost anything, personally I am thinking about a fight caves script. Post your suggestions down below, since I'd rather create a script that people would find useful..
  11. Do it, and look like a meth head. Looks ugly as fk in my honest opinion.
  12. They are most likely busy. Just keep on waiting..
  13. I would say the email is: ponytonymodel1944@gmail.com and your password is sunriseavenueishawt123. On the serious note, you should PM administrator.
  14. Hi guys, I have been lurking and occasionally posting random gibberish to spam/off-topic. However, I am now leaving the armed forces, also got a new job from private corporation - leaving me more time to focus on communities like this. My plan is pretty much the following. Along side other things, I enjoy playing OSRS, web development and programming in general, however I am not very talented in software development. Currently mostly planning to create some nasty PKing builds and selling them for you guys, maybe even pushing couple scripts out there to public, when I get the time to learn the API - hustling a few extra bits of money never hurts, right? Hope to see you guys around, cheers.
  15. Thank you OSBOT for allowing me to achieve this goal! I am so happy rn.
  16. It is the min. required time of service in this MOS to be sent to the reserves. The institution pissed me off a long time ago already, not my piece of cake. I prefer working in the civilian sector.
  17. I respect you for farming that postcount xoxo
  18. After basic training I served 8 months as an MP. Now about to being discharged to the reserves. Neither. Finnish Navy under the archipelago sea naval command or coastal fleet.
  19. No, it's more like this, the way I am handling my depression.
  20. I am currently spending my last 2 weeks in the military as a military police. There is basicly nothing for me to do here, I've been pushed around to do some basic training bullshit that I've learned like ages ago, today we did some squad level advancing tactics, I was literally so bored and pissed at the same time - I am a fucking MP, and supposed to kick in doors, and shit like that. and by the looks of it I will be doing this for the next 2 weeks. Lesson learned - never join the Navy.
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