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  1. There's some guides on youtube you can watch. I think there's atleast one for each garden.
  2. Would of been worth much more before wintertodt. 5-10m? maybe more maybe less.
  3. Chug that bottle I dare you.
  4. We're looking for a Cashier on RSShuffle. Must be trusted. Add my skype: skillionairebandit. Beware of imposters. My skype doesn't have this retarded apple avatar.
  5. One small favour, cause who doesn't love running around Runescape for some small favours?
  6. First to offer 15m gets the account right here right now.
  7. I could take 26m @ .98 if you're interested.
  8. Yea, a moderator will do it.
  9. How did you obtain this footage? My brother told me he wouldn't upload this....
  10. If someone can't tell you all the details that you need to recover the account and you do a recovery test and it fails, then that person is trying to scam. We have moderators here who are willing to do recovery tests for you based on the info the seller gives. That also prevents recovering.
  11. User spammed for PC on these threads. 15m is still the highest offer.
  12. highest offer is 24m as we speak. User spammed for PC with fake bids. Highest offer rn, add me on skype: skillionairebandit, no live: or what so ever in front of it.
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