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Poll - AIO Mule / Worker / Autotyper Script - Would you buy?

Team Cape


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  1. 1. Would you buy an AIO Mule Script (functions as dictated in thread)?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Would you buy an AIO Worker/Autotyper Script (functions as dictated in thread)?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. If you answered yes to either of the last questions, would you prefer the scripts to be two separate 'sides' to 1 SDN script?

    • Yes
    • No
    • N/A
  4. 4. Would you buy an autotalker that completes Tutorial Island and walks to a location of your choice?

    • Yes
    • No

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Note: Both of these would have CLI support (not just GUI)


AIO Mule Script


You would start the script near a bank - the script will automatically detect this bank and will bank to get more items if necessary (will log out if both inventory and bank don't have anything of value). The script would start with a GUI - this would include the option to bank, a list of items (and how many) to trade, and a list of usernames that should be given items (or a checkbox setting where you could just give it to any user that trades you).


AIO Worker Script


This side would complete tutorial island. From there it could have 2 paths:

        Path 1:

            Goes to a location from a designated list of areas that the user selects in a GUI and trades a specific username (also specified in the GUI) to get items. After it's gotten the items (and completed tutorial island), it logs out.


       Path 2:

           Goes to a location from a designated list of areas that the user selects in a GUI and spams - this could be used to make a continuous stream of spammers for basically anything you want straight off tutorial island.


AIO Mule & Worker Script (Combined)


The same thing as the past 2, but there would be a GUI option for Worker/Mule.


Tutorial Island Completing Autotalker


Completes tutorial island and walks to a location specified in the GUI, then spams given text in the GUI



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That was in my AIO Lazy Assistant back in the day :p 


I know people used it, so yes! I think people would buy it!




Just looked it up on google and found the thread ^ very interesting :)

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