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VPS Hosting Service Under Development. Need Suggestions


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I am making my own VPS hosting service from scratch as a project I have in school. I do not plan to make it public any soon but that is the long term goal for sure. It will be something similar to DigitalOcean, you will pay per hour, not per month. This suits Runescape Botting very well since paying ONLY for the amount of time you are actually botting is cruicial if you dont want to waste money.


If you have ever used a VPS hosting service you problably know a few things that you would like to change about the service so it would fit you better. I would be very happy if you would want to share those "things" with me. If you have any suggestions, please post em below!

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Have a livechat @ your website.

Be responsive, be contactable 24/7 & have replies ready within the hour.

Yeah the live chat and 24/7 support would be a huge help that would solve most if not all the problems users have, especially if users are in different timezones which has been my issue with VPS hosts in the past

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