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The fuck is with my Neighborhood


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Okay so I moved into my new place on the 1st of October, it's the 6th now and the shit that happens around here is retarded.


First night, right outside my window I see a group of thirteen year olds playing with fireworks.


Second night, I live in a residential area with no forests etc nearby for miles. See a group of foxes strolling through the street.


Third day, I see a three year old playing on the road by himself.


Fourth day, Next door neighbor throws bread outside and now all I hear is fucking seagulls.


Fifth day, look outside to see a empty wheelchair in the bushes.


Worst move for me.

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Not sure why it isn't letting me quote you - do you have any community centres near by? If so you can go there and try to deal with it in a professional manner, that way no on can claim you are not trying to be nice. You can also phone the police if it comes to it with such things like the fireworks, children shouldn't be handling them as it's illegal and the shop owner can be prosecuted.

Mate, this is like the worst part of edinburgh. Everyone around Edinburgh knows this place is a shit hole, yet it's right beside one of the biggest shopping places in Scotland. Within a one mile radius you've got this shit hole and then you've got a shopping place where they have show rooms for masaratis, ferarris etc.

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