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iphone 7....


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so last night my iphone 6plus broke, screen just completely stopped working...jawn that slept over my house didnt set her alarm for me so i missed work and had to call out. went to apple and bought the matte black 7. was pretty pissed off all day cuz i spent 800+ on the dumbass phone but i figured fuck it might as well get the new one. kinda grew on me a lil i like the handwriting texting little bit. anyone else have one/ know cool features for it im not tech savvy 

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Just no to the 7 to much money for aggravating shit I like wired headphone and I love my home button lol Iphone 6s+ all day. 

i dont like no aux cord but ive been using wireless beats for awhile...but for the aux it comes with this gay little plug in lol

"handwriting texting"


as if this hasn't been around since like 2010 lol

new to me and im easily entertained lol

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