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Found 11 results

  1. I need 58 slayer to 85 slayer work need doing for me, must be NON botted all hand Trained. Trusted people only as this is my second main i need work doing on. post prices below. Payment will be in OSRS GP
  2. Welcome to my bot farm I am going to keep it simple and hopefully motivate/help some of you people who have been thinking about it. Current state of farm: i manage all my bots with Expl bot manger i use 1 proxy per two accounts. i have been running my method daily for 5 hours on 4 accounts and running two side accounts as experiments with different skills currently i cannot seem to find a great method to run. my method brings about 200k a hour so if you have a method willing to give it to me PM me:) DAILY GOALS 5M/DAY 10M/Day 25M/Day 50M/DAY UPDATE: got a private script made for me to automate my method but still struggling to find a new method.
  3. Current Stock: 2000m+ Price Btc/Eth/Ltc: / 0.83-0.85 If you want to buy, please post below or pm me. We can use a middleman if you desire. Gold will be delivered after 2 confirmations in blockchain. (Btc)
  4. Selling o7 gold for $.70 per 1m. Bulk buyers encouraged . Current stock : 450m Skype: on my profile
  5. Selling 07 GP [Crypto/Zelle} 190+ offsite vouches Coinbase / Localbitcoins to avoid fees! Sell rates 0.68--.72/M for crypto .79/M for Zelle Live:mithgamed is NOT ME Currently Need: 300m Will buy any amount 10m+ Payment will be in Crypto/Zelle/ Click my Skype button to add me, or add Skype: mithgamed Discord: MithGamed#8833
  6. If I was to buy an account with 1 def 85 mage and 85 range with no other stats or quests, what kind of price would that be? Thanks.
  7. I am selling 1.5B through Bitcoin only. I just got scammed 200m so I will not be going first.We can do 10m at a time, I don't really care but I'm not going first sorry.Serious buyers only. $0.92/m - £0.7/m
  8. CHEAPMIL Selling 07 Gold 1$/M Buying 07 Gold 0,95$/M Contacts: Payment methods: Currently selling: 0M 1$/M Currently buying: 100M 0.95$/M Some info: Very fast service Always meet at Duel Arena
  9. guac

    [closed request]

    [not looking anymore, thanks] Hey there, I'm looking to buy 100-1000 accounts fresh off tutorial island. Long term supplier would also be appreciated the price will depend on you trust level and the amount of accounts leave your skype name / offer / terms below or pm me. Have a nice day
  10. Title says it all, I am looking for account that have a low combat level and an Ardy Cloak 1. Please let me know if you have any accounts like that and how much you are looking to get for it. Thanks in advance, Michael
  11. Close thread, got hacked and this was hackers thread!
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