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  1. kingsam

    Stealth Quester

    Token, do you have a discord server at all?
  2. how much do you bot to be able to run 2 acts simultaneously?
  3. ahh ty, any recommendations on how long would be good to run the script for in a day / run / break times?
  4. does this have fremmy boots (4) support?
  5. does the pray flicking not work yet still?
  6. think they had a banning spree last night as I woke up with 2 of my accounts banned :S only bought the script 4 hours prior to the ban
  7. What is the minimum gear reqs for this script would you say to make a decent profit per hour?
  8. what are the reqs for this script? and could I have a trial? do you need items to be able to start this?
  9. can this only buy one item at the moment?
  10. do I have to put in the loot to pick up myself for this script?
  11. ran my script for like 2 hours and died in the wild and lost my full graceful :S because randomly every time it stops running for like 5 seconds next to a tree so I got pked... as it just stopped moving the running and speed of this scriot needs to be improved a lot... it takes so long at the bank and also takes so long running to the manger to tele to the abyss. As for the construction cape basically right click the construction cape, and the left click the option for teleport to Poh ill add a screenshot of the dropdown menu if this helps... also can you use the ornate jewellery box in the house instead of mounted glory as most efficient houses that are maxed don't have mounted glories...
  12. does this script support construction cape poh tele?
  13. does this support construction cape teleport to poh?
  14. hey dude i can not buy more than one item from a shop? Im trying to buy buckets of sand and soda ash, buy can not get the script to get both of them :S
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