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  1. Sometimes get stuck cause it clicked a dead pixel or a tree while needing to rake a patch. Gets stuck on paying farmers for tree protection if it lags and has already paid for it. https://i.gyazo.com/eb9d36374f7e0d6792e8393c822228bf.mp4 Taverly tree patch specifically - gets stuck turning camera while status is "raking patch". Could you add a few checks to make sure it doesn't get stuck? I will add details and logs as they occur.
  2. cqervq3

    Perfect Agility

    Hey @Czar, is the alching while doing agility a work in progress? Or is there something extra I need to do?
  3. First time using mirror mode and can't figure out what to do. I have my runelite open in fixed mode and it's as small as possible, help please!
  4. Hey @Czar, Getting a recurring error whenever I try to use the banking feature with perfect fighter. [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 PM]: "npc_list_size" changed to "1" [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 PM]: Command (npc_list_size) changed from (1) to (1) [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 PM]: "npc_name_0" changed to "Bloodveld" [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 PM]: Command (npc_name_0) changed from (Bloodveld) to (Bloodveld) [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 PM]: "npc_cb_0" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 PM]: Command (npc_cb_0) changed from (0) to (0) [INFO][Bot #1][06/26 03:58:12 P
  5. Is it just me or does it not work for some dungeons? Such as relekka slayer dungeon and the karluum slayer dungeon? Edit: turns out its just for some looting features that it stops working
  6. It's good for range, you just have to be aware of people crashing your range spots as it will look dodgy if you get crashed and the bot is still trying to safespot the wyvern. Melee is good too, I'm not sure if the banking option works with it as I haven't tried it but otherwise it's good.
  7. I do slayer with this but I'm currently getting this error list - I'm not sure what triggers it but it's consistent over all things I've been killing. Exception in script thread 1: java.lang.NullPointerException at perfect.scripting.a.Com5.A(fc:1) at perfect.scripting.b.b.CoN.H(wm:1333) at a.c.aUX.H(hn:268) at a.coN.a(cg:3144) at java.util.stream.ReferencePipeline$2$1.accept(Unknown Source) at java.util.LinkedList$LLSpliterator.tryAdvance(Unknown Source) at java.util.stream.ReferencePipeline.forEachWithCancel(Unknown Source) at java.util.stream.AbstractPipeline.copyIntoWithCan
  8. Equip them then start the bot.
  9. Some places aren't very well coded with the webwalkers so you have to start the script at the npc location that you want to kill for it to setup the default fight zone. You have to figure out which npcs are killable with the banking feature, as I think that's what you're hinting towards. Be more specific as to what you want to kill and where and I can try and help you with that.
  10. They come with the Perfect Fighter script. There are pre-loaded plugins for specific npcs to kill like Rock Crabs, Sand Crabs, Green Dragon Killer, etc.
  11. @Czar I've been having a lil bit of trouble with the fighter script. 1) Guthans mode - not switching back to previous equipment after reaching full hp vs catacombs Abyssal Demons. EDIT: Not just them, seems to be everything after 1 set of healing it will change back but after that it will keep the Guthans equiped. 2) Not picking up loot while in Guthans mode. 3) Noted items in saved settings (loot) being loaded as "null" such as, gold ore, gold bars from Gargoyles, as well as them not being looted. Been using it for a while and haven't posted about it though. Thanks for the gr
  12. This script is really safe imho. I've gotten many 99's just using it for slayer tasks over a few months. Just the standard taking 2-3 30 min breaks per 6-8 hours has done me well on 3 accounts so far.
  13. If you're reloading a saved script, you may need to manually find the code in the .txt file and turn that option to 0. Also, press F2 to hide paint.
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