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  1. Hey Czar, I'm having trouble with the Drop all mode, when inventory is full it will keep the mouse hovering op the rock and is just standing still. (Mirror-mode on 50ms + using Rock selection) Mine 1 Drop 1 & Bank mode seems to work fine. 1 thing i noticed is that when using Mine 1 Drop 1 it doesn't use shift drop, is shift drop not supported when using this method? standing still after inventory full log: [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:11 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "1" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:11 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:11 PM]: Item won in slot 24. [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:13 PM]: 1) Click the rock! [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:17 PM]: Item won in slot 25. [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:18 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "1" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:18 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:19 PM]: 1) Click the rock! [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:23 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "1" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:23 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:23 PM]: Item won in slot 26. [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:25 PM]: 1) Click the rock! [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:29 PM]: Item won in slot 27. [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:30 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "1" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:18:30 PM]: "mining_interrupt" changed to "0" [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:19:03 PM]: Terminating script Perfect Miner... [INFO][Bot #1][04/10 02:19:03 PM]: Script Perfect Miner has exited!
  2. After not playing & botting OSRS for a long time I wanted to start playing & botting again. Bought this script yesterday, the script itself is flawless but unfortunately my 2 botting accounts are banned. (injection mode) Edit: I now got VIP using mirror mode and using premium proxy's, all my newly made bots going strong for 1 week (4 to 8 hours a day)
  3. After using Perfect Mining i had to try Perfect Smithing, so i bought it today. the script runs flawless until it runs out of bars while smithing, it will keep withdrawing and depositing the remaining bars (in my case 1 bar). is it possible that the script logs you off when finished? Also i noticed that i cant hide the paint like in your mining script, in my experience with your mining script is when I hide the paint the script runs much better. I also have a suggestion that you could add to the script (if you like it of course), maybe add something like a task system for smithing/smelting so when you reach a certain level you will continue smithing/smelting a better item for more exp/hr now you will have to stop the script and restart it every so many levels.
  4. I have used this script for almost 1 month without any problems until this week, I'm also having the problem that the client freezes when the bot tries to bank. i tried all the web-walk options and also tried mining on different locations, but whatever i do the client freezes when inventory is full and i have to close it down using Task manager. EDIT: I bought your smithing script today so i can train smithing a bit while I'm waiting till this script is fixed (Smithing script doesn't have any problems with banking)
  5. hey, i just started to use this script and it is amazing. can you maybe expand the rock selection? i cant reach 1 rock that is just 1 square too far. still testing the script, but till now everything is going like it should go.
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