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  1. I will make a video tomorrow, dont have the time for it anymore today. Thanks for explaining about the new mouse, i will keep using that one in that case
  2. Hey! I'm botting lava runes with RoD @ fire altar duel arena, when the bot teleports to the duel arena it clicks on the button next to your friends button where you also find the Clan channel/ Clan chat / Minigame teleports, it does this every time it teleports and it feels kinda bot like. Also one other thing that i wanted to ask, im using the ''new mouse'' always when im botting, with some of your scripts im seeing that the mouse speed can be insanely fast, is there a way for me to adjust this or would it help to change to the old, normal mouse option ? If so, could it be a red flag for jagex when im changing from the new mouse to the old mouse after using the new mouse for a long time on the account ? always loving your bots !
  3. Thanks for the extended trial ! very happy with it The things you might want to add are indeed a very good idea, especially that you can choose different locations for the 1-50 firemaking will be a good addition
  4. Hey man, would like a trial! I'm very interested in the script
  5. I dont know if you have a unlimited data pack on your mobile phone ? If so, you can use that internet connection to have a dynamic ip adress that you can use seperately from your home ip for no extra cost The most people i spoke about this issue told me that it is not likely that your main will be banned if you really play legit on it and dont mule money from your bots into your main account. If you really want to be serious about botting you could try to get a residential proxy which are more likely to not be used by massive farms, good luck either way Edit: Just saw that you said you could use your neighbors wifi network, that would be awesome to do if you want to create multiple bots to make it less likely to get chain banned ! If you also have a unlimited dataplan you would have 3 different kinds of networks you can use for different kind of botting if you like
  6. Hey man! Thanks for fixing the trial ! The bot is working very smoothly imo, i used it on one acc that was already 50 firemaking and i used an account that could use the 1-50 option at the GE to see how it was working and it is working very good. No bugs or anything weird has happend in the past 4 hours i used and watched the bots (with alot of breaks ofc. ) so im very satisfied about the current state of the bot and will def. buy it after this weekend
  7. Hi! Could i get a trial for this one?
  8. Always been a very big fan of OSBot and the script makers, i always support all of you for the past 6 years already Would be nice to win something from you guys !! Edit: Just seeing now that the giveaway already ended ! Next time better still much love
  9. hey man! Got a few problems with the trial. When i tried to start the bot this morning it would not start, it was stopping the whole time and i did not have any time to check the logs yet because of work so i dont know what i did wrong at the time. Now i'm done with my shift and when starting OSBot im seeing that the trial is over but the 24 hours are not over yet (asked for a trial 17 hours ago) so i gues something went wrong with that Can you maybe check what has happend with the trial so i can try the bot once again ? Saw your new post at the pest control topic and just wanted to say no problem at all for helping, im very happy that you take your script very serious and always keep them updated
  10. That was my fault Forgot to enable the monster types when i tried to use the defend knight option! The bot is working very good now, thanks for the update ! Could i maybe get a trial on Perfect wintertodt ? Was thinking of buying it
  11. No lagg, reaching 50 FPS steady and im using melee thanks for the reaction and your time! Edit: Almost forget to add that when choosing "defend void knight", it just stands beside the knight and does not attack any monster, almost every match i'll get 0-50 ~ attack points and when im getting 50 ish attack points it is because my character is reacting through auto retaliate instead of attacking the monsters. Sorry for forgetting to mention this, when i asked for your help i was pretty tired and it was late in the night for me
  12. Hey man! I dont know what it is but the bot keeps walking back and forward between a portal and a NPC that it wants to attack, alot of the time it runs between 2 NPC's back and forward without even really attacking one if them.. This happends at every portal, at the beginning from the boat when it wants to choose a side to go to and when you took one portal down it will get stuck the whole time going back and forward into nothing.. I tried both :Attack monsters and Attack portals with all different kinds of settings and everytime it happends again. Its makes the bot misclick alot and shows very botlike behaviour, can you take a look at this? Using Mirror mode + New mouse.
  13. The mobile bots i came across the past few years were all scams, have you ever found one that was legit?
  14. Stealth injection is almost instant ban yes. I have made a topic myself about this exact same thing a few months ago and i could always bots without a problem and since the beginning of this year i got banned all the time out of no were. This fixed it for me: - Getting mirrormode - For skilling i only bot 3/4 hours a day with botting 30-45 minutes max at a time and then i take a good break for a half hour or more and then i continue. - For combat skills i bot a little bit more at a time (still with breaks) and i only do slayer and NMZ for combat. (NMZ is the only bot that i can run 8 hours a day with breaks because it is insane afk i think) - I dont bot quests and i dont bot minigames because they have a very high ban rate. - Watch out with a skill like agility and hunter which have much higher ban rates and always do you research what other people their progress is and what their tips are like from which level to bot, where, howmuch time at a time and how many breaks worked best for them. - Try to blend in with the crowd and dont bot at weird places because people are going to start talking to you and if you dont react or look like a botter people WILL report you. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as safe botting, im running atm 4 acc's at a time with each one a other bot pattern to watch how far i can go and to be sure that i have another acc when the other one gets banned. I also have a main which has 1800 total with near maxed combat skills and it just got banned because i made a mistake with my fletching bot and after it was stuck in a loop for 12 clicks only it got hit with a 2 day ban. If you got banned it is either that you use stealth injection, you've been reported by someone, you used a free script, your bot has messed up somehow or you botted without breaks. When you bot just learn from your mistakes and keep going, it is very good possible even in 2021 but you need to be more carefull. I hope this helps and that you too get a maxed acc in the future
  15. Hey Czar! Is it already possible to barrage at mm1 monkeys with perfect fighter? I thought i read something a while back that you might wanted to add it
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