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  1. small incriments couple hours paused inbetween did farming
  2. banned this morning after taking my breaks using only this script on mirror mode.
  3. token have you experienced any bans at all with this script yet? ive ran it for 3 days on and off switching between crafting dhide bodies and quests. but just curious if i just ran this one only
  4. hey token are you gonna add trees for the extra farming xp? would love to farm trees to be more efficient. been using this script like crazy last two days and i love it! very well done. no issues yet.
  5. yes works good! thank you
  6. the script wont start for me on mirror mode.
  7. CodyWody


    would really like to use this script!
  8. CodyWody


    you think id get banned with even just one run to get the cape?
  9. doesnt work for me just withdraws wines out and stares at it
  10. CodyWody


    Used this bot before, still waiting for a new update...
  11. CodyWody

    Perfect Agility

    bought many of your scripts and enjoy them very much. do you see a alching/agility mode?
  12. may i have a trial? actually i ended up purchasing it gonna test it out
  13. CodyWody


    can i get a trial please
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