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  1. I definitely missed it. I'm so sorry lol. Possible to get authed again? No worries if not!
  2. Could I please get a trial for this as well? Thanks!
  3. Few questions for you: 1. Can this be run in mirror mode or is it meant for stealth injection? I just did my first birdhouse run with it in mirror mode, and the interactions seem a lot slower then a regular persons doing this. 2. If it levels up after collecting 2/4 birdhouses, it teleports to cw, pulls out the next best birdhouse/logs it can make and then goes back to finish the run. Is that normal? I do have it set for "use best birdhouse", but can you make it wait till the trip is over to upgrade? 3. Maybe its just my laptop, but restocking and sleep hours are not available o
  4. Hey man, I used the old birdhouse run script. I would love to give this one a try as well!
  5. That would make sense then. Thanks! When it's not going through a proxy, it works like a charm
  6. Hey, I'm sure this is a dumb question, so I'm sorry in advance. Would a proxy effect the speed at which this could loot items? Or...? I only run one account at a time on my personal laptop, but without the proxy, this would loot ~3m in +-10 hours. This rate was always about the same, no matter the time of day etc. (I know the amount of drop parties is taken into account with this aswell). I got a number of accounts banned on my home IP, so I bought a proxy and ran 3 accounts so far on 2 different computers. Both ended up with >1m profit in 8 hours. The 4th account I had running ea
  7. I was not. I was standing out front. I got "Browse store" to work but that's about it. The rest I just did manually.
  8. Do you still support this? Even with all the items needed, the script still opens the ge and does nothing. edit: started it next to saw mill with logs and cash in inventory, finally got it to have "Make plank" as a task. Does not make planks.
  9. For someone who doesn't have any scripting experience, would you have any recommendations on adding "anti-ban"? I have a script going where iit checks if the character is animating or not, if yes, move the camera angle, then sleep for X. If not, perform an action then sleep. It's a fairly afk activity. This is golden, nice work man.
  10. @ProjectPact Are you doing trials for this? I would love to take a peek and see what all I can do with this. Not saying it's not going to be worth it, but 22$ is a little high for a straight purchase. Cheers!
  11. I understand the risk, this account I am not to worried about. I've run it in injection since I got it, so well over (I think) 3-400 hours (total time) and have had no issues with it. Curious to see how far I can get from ~6 hunter on injection. Definitely a must have for hunter scripts!
  12. 100+ Hour proggie and climbing for anyone interested. Done using magic logs, 536k exp gained, run on injection, no bans. Very well done script https://imgur.com/a/tzJB0fA
  13. Very well done script. I've stopped at least 3-4 times at 70+ hours each time to do other things on the account, but have never had any issues at all. All my hunter is from birdhouses. No bans running on injection. Thanks man! https://imgur.com/a/TMZ57EQ
  14. Mirror client version: latest Console output / terminal output: [INFO][05/07 08:11:58 PM]: Loaded 0 RS accounts! [INFO][05/07 08:11:58 PM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.5.7! [INFO][05/07 08:12:50 PM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 169! [DEBUG][Bot #1][05/07 08:12:50 PM]: Initializing mirror client bot... [ERROR][Bot #1][05/07 08:12:51 PM]: nattachfail java.lang.RuntimeException: s1 at client.mo.qc(Unknown Source) at client.FGfV.aflq(Unknown Source) at client.emu.kM.run(Unknown Source) [ERROR][Bot #1][05/07 08:12:51 PM]: legacyload jav
  15. Like they said above, account was deleted. I've had 2 accounts that were like that.
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