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  1. Farmaton has a working bypass. Over 30k created accounts since Incapsula was introduced
  2. Thanks Patrick. You're the best
  3. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/249-scripting-help/
  4. It's common across different providers right now
  5. Sounds like you're just getting locks and not bans. It's pretty common right now. If you're really invested into the accounts you can try to unlock them, otherwise just make a new one.
  6. You do need 100 post count to sell, regardless of VIP or not. Good Luck!
  7. Same here, looters last forever 24/7
  8. It has to support a catch-all or mail forwarder to route all emails to a single inbox, we've tested with a couple different providers so far with no issues.
  9. A VPN is worse than your home IP if you're trying to avoid bans
  10. You can use Farmaton to automate the creation and tutorial process. And then just go register the email domain yourself if you don't want it tied to your own private mail domain
  11. You could use a domain that doesn't require many personal details to register, and just create accounts with addresses that don't exist yet on that domain. If the account lasts long enough to not get banned, you could register the address and provide all of the details to the buyer maybe?
  12. Sometimes people sell in the Market section of the forums, but you could also take a look at Farmaton like WhatsNormal mentioned.
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