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  1. vertigo

    Stealth Quester

    Was wondering if there is a list of all items needed for all quests needed. Would be greatly appreciated for iron men accounts
  2. What do you need? : haunted mine lost city tree gnome village mountain daughter fight arena restless ghost priest in peril Ernest the chickenGoing first or middleman? : ill go firstWhat's your Skype/Discord ID? :talking to you now on discord
  3. vertigo

    2 def pure

    https://i.imgur.com/cq8Vi4Z.png has mith gloves + avas 18m nmz points no dt/horror from the deep
  4. i had a coin since it was 2k ez profits
  5. remember suicide botting ivy back in the day lol. maybe like 7-8 years ago. didnt get banned surprisingly on my main lul
  6. need this done on my main let me know price and eta you can do.
  7. i remember it took me like 2 weeks to do cooks assistant back like 12 years ago lol
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