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  1. Wasnt the question about oldfags coming back to the game or never leaving? o.O
  2. I sold 2100total main with ~268 qp & 8 pets for about 400$. And had really hard time selling it. Got 700$ offer for it once, but didnt accept it at the time. Sold for ~400$ After two months of selling. what I’m saying eventually youll find right buyer, but youre not gonna get even close to 400$ too fast I’d value this more likely around 250$ max.
  3. Could I have a trial here?
  4. Can I have trial for this, please?
  5. Yea Ive been trying to make some couple times, but havent managed to make anything working as I wanted
  6. Ive seen great success on script factory scripts myself. I love it, alltrought I cant make any scripts. Could learn, but I guess im too stupid
  7. As much as Ive done this It isnt really too profitable. Especially at lower levels youre barely makeing p2p costs back. But it's still the safest way to train hunter in my opinion. I like it alltrought havent been doing it.
  8. Ive got one perm rwt ban but still too lazy to move gp any other way than trading.
  9. its been impossible to get legit stakes in there for years. Just a good thing to remove it.
  10. for my experience agility accounts doesnt sell too well. Mains hard to sell without alot of vouches. Rc alts seems to be selling, as well as pures.
  11. Not even close to that. Been selling my main for weeks for that and i have 2.1k total I’d say 150$ For this
  12. Ive seen them go for as low as 30M too, with the stuff youve got in there probably closer to that 40-50M
  13. All names are rare, only one can have them Nothing special on this though.
  14. I agree with this. Youre trading gold from mule to someone anyway. Why would you trade it to some shitty site and cash out, while you could just get paid for the gold instead.
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