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    Can I get a trial ?
  2. I did try to recover it through my email but it didnt work, and this account was made just to train mage on my accounts, thats why you see me with only one script, and at the time I didn't need to really bot, so the old account didn't mean anything to me but now I want to come back and make some passive money also why is it asking for an authenticator each time I try to log into the account I never put one on?
  3. Hi so I have an account with the name "Whygademo" that I cannot log into or recover and I do not know why, I have a few scripts on there and I can prove I bought them with the invoice id from my paypal transaction history, if I cannot recover the account could the scripts be transferred to this one please, I plan on getting back into botting and its unfair to have to repurchase scripts
  4. For some reason I cant find the plugin neverlogout can anyone link a script that keeps you logged in?
  5. edit; Okay I just bought this script and it doesn't even start?
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