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  1. That guide is outdated use this one @b0tscape https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MzsWGPUl_ImOqNLQ5huYJgv_Vp0YB-A5RrDU7uMCHqs/edit?ts=5bf87db4#gid=0 I think it's by the same author he just updated it and made it look nicer.
  2. Ah I did not know I had to do that I will try that and update. Also sorry, I realized after the post I didn't follow the bug report format. Will do for next time thank you for replying anyways.
  3. Using Vannaka trialing out the script (on 2.6.18, mirror mode) and there's several bugs so far I haven't been able to complete a task. Set the script up and started at the GE with empty inventory. It opens bank to check gem, then it withdraws x10 varrock teles, x10 lumb teles, x10 fala teles and x10 camelot teles, a ring of dueling and a games necklace. Then it goes to Vannaka to check task again and teleports to task without bringing any food even though I have set it up to bring at least 20 food to task and bank when it has 1 food left. It also takes all the teleports to the task as wel
  4. May I have a trial please?
  5. I'm actually so impressed with this script it's easily in my top 5. 10/10 from me.
  6. I did not notice anything unusual in the console logger but after restarting the script today and turning off the paint and logger in the script GUI I was able to get a stable 50 FPS. It's a little less convenient but I don't mind. I run on Mirror mode I have not tested Stealth.
  7. Script works well from the logic side of things only issue I have with it is I get terrible framerate with it which is kind of annoying when trying to check on the bot. I know it's the script because other scripts running at the same time have no issue maintaining 40+FPS but the Sand crabs bot is always at 10-20 fps. It's not really a huge deal but are there any options I can tick so it doesn't feel like I'm looking at a powerpoint? Should mention i've tried mostly everything from the OSB client side of things (Low CPU and limiting FPS)
  8. Any plans to add support for Wilderness slayer? Would buy in a heartbeat if it did.
  9. Yeah I've never been lucky with free scripts + injection client. Premium+Mirror mode is the way to go.
  10. Could I trial this out please?
  11. Hey could I trial this out please?
  12. Could I trial this out please?
  13. Would love to try this out.
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