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  1. Been coming back to this thread from time to time, would love to give it a shot Also since the new teleport tabs are now ingame, will the script support tabs like Catherby teleport tabs or when on lunar spellbook the Catherby teleport
  2. @ysadoblesCompleted it for me within no time.
  3. Hey, I'm looking to get the following quests done. - Dessert Treasure - Shield of Arrav - Heroes Quest - Legends Quest Lemme know what it will cost and how long it will take to complete.
  4. Lovely script! In just a few hours it completed the whole angler outfit without any problems. I would however recommend keeping the fix broken net option off as it only went up there in the last minute to try and repair them while there was nothing to repair resulting in it spam clicking for no reason
  5. Absolutely loving this script! After my trail runs out I will most definitely be buying this. Ran this script for lv 50 to 54 overnight and woke up to see a pet following me
  6. McBotdog

    Stealth NMZ

    So been using this script for a few days now and I must say, I absolutely love it. Very customisable, works like a charm. Can safely let this run without a single worry. However I feel like it's quite slow on using the special attacks when the Power surge is active making the use of a gmaul as spec weapon pretty much useless
  7. That I understand, but with only 3 traps so far. There is still quite a bit of moments just standing there and waiting for something to happen
  8. The idea of the script is just great, who doesn't love a nicely organized bank However the execution is poor. When I ran it in mirror mode the bank was even more of a mess than it was before due to selecting the wrong items. So I ran it with stealth injection and it actually somewhat organized it. But a lot of the newer items are not recognized by the script, there is only the default layout available and making your own is rather difficult. Would love to see this script updated and/or more user friendly with building your own layout. So far, I sadly have to say I would not recommend buying this for the price.
  9. The high alcing doesn't seem to be working? I have a mystic smoke battlestaff equipped and nature runes in my inventory. Set it to alc Rune arrows but nothing happens. Currently doing chinchompas.
  10. Hi! Could i get a trail for APA Rooftop Agility please?
  11. Could I get a trail please?
  12. The speed isn't an issue for me. The running towards the ladder then back to the bank and then back to the ladder is bothering me as u can see at the 38 seconds mark in the video
  13. After reading all the posts I was hoping the script was less... botlike? It often doesn't completely empty the sack and a lot of the times has trouble finding its way to the ladder which results in in the bot running back and forth. Also in my opinion the mini map is used to much where normal playing people would never do that Example of it being quite botlike https://youtu.be/dyMfShj8eiE
  14. When using the armadyl godsword as spec weapon. It only uses it's special attack once and waits till 100% to spec again. Looks like the script thinks it's a 100% spec weapon instead of 50%
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