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  1. They have 29 qp, no temp bans and 2 of them have no e-mail set.
  2. kisamezx

    Stealth NMZ

    Hello, first off this is a wonderful script . I was wondering if you could guide me with the “Daily runtime” option, please. I can’t seem to make it work. I want it to run since 5:00 am (GMT-5) to 20:00 (GMT-5), but it says that will start like in hours from the time I set it up. Thank you for reading
  3. I don't deserve to win. As a broke student in a third world country, it would be amazing tho
  4. Are they gonna detect osbot if I play on my main while botting other account? source: https://www.jagex.com/en-GB/terms
  5. I want to learn, can I get an invite too?
  6. Welcome, be sure to not bot on your home ip
  7. https://gyazo.com/2263b6cd891f5f9f76313be42a398044 https://imgur.com/sBBkppn
  8. Great guide man. Could you explain to me what is Sandboxie for? Is it trully necessary? I botted these days without Sandboxie...
  9. Hi. I purchased your wonderful script. I read that you advice using it in Stealth Injection mode back then, could you tell me if it works fine in Mirror mode now please?
  10. Hi, can I get a APA Sandcrabs trial please?
  11. Hello, can I get a trial please?
  12. Hello dear Khal, can I get a trial? Probably gonna buy it
  13. I just bought the vip and this happens lmao
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